Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Review: Jose Eber Styling Iron

Jose Eber Styling Iron. RRP: £120

Hey guys! Here's a requested review on the straighteners I bought at my Harrods shopping spree! Click here to read my 'Harrods Shopping Spree' post.

 Let's just say I was fed up of my £25 babyliss straighteners that would give my a wave rather than straight hair and curls that were basically non- existent.
 I have never heard of this brand before and I had only seen the stall in Harrods but they are also in Selfridges too. 
They work on damp and dry hair which really appeals to me because I am in a rush every day of my life! 
They're made of titanium and ceramic plates which are supposed to have some sort of benefit, mostly to help control any frizz and give smoother more shiny results.
I just hear the words and think " OoOoOo They must be good then". 

I'm not too keen on them being wide plated because I usually get thin ones but I thought I would give them a try. 
They also have lifetime warranty which is great, bearing in mind the small print says that doesn't include wear and tear (So what else do I need warranty for?! Blergh.) 

The plates can get VERY hot, and because they are wide plates I personally find it a bit harder to control then thin plates. I would recommend using a heat protecting glove.

This glove is one that I got along with my 'amika' hair curler, but i'm sure you can buy one separately. 

So here is an example of a finished look. 

The first picture is of my natural hair, freshly washed, no product and because I have naturally quite curly hair when it's brushed out it's disgustingly frizzy!

The second picture is of just strait hair. It's always best to take small sections but you can take bigger ones because of the size of the plates which is one advantage. 
The different heat settings allow you to choose how hot you want the plates to go but I always straiten my hair at 200. 

And finally, the third picture is of curls, styled with the straightener. I found it difficult to make curls simply because of the size of the plates, because they are wide it can be harder to control when twisting the hair around, the main reason I would suggest using a heat protecting glove. 

I didn't realize how useful it would be to have a straightener that could work on damp hair but OMG I love it! Of course you need to go over the hair a few times to get it dead strait but it doesn't leave a greasy feeling afterwards, if anything it is completely dry! 

I give this product 8/10.


To keep your'e hair looking and feeling natural I would recommend using Bed Head's Spoil Me Spray! It control's frizz instantly without any feeling of product in the hair. 

Your's Truly,

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

PR Internship UPDATE. (Berkeley PR)

Hey Guys!

Hope you're all well. As promised here is my internship post about my two weeks at Berkeley PR.

The office was based in London's Reading area which isn't too far as I live in Middlesex, it was nice to drive every morning with my flask in the car's cup holder. (I felt like such a grown up! n'awww)
This feeling wore off after a while once the morning traffic and inconsiderate drivers pissed me off...

This internship wasn't paid, only travel expenses were reimbursed. However, when it came to being paid back there were no problems at all! Some internships have been rumoured to be very lazy when it comes to paying you back but I am pleased to say Berkeley were fantastic!

So what tasks did I do and was I always a busy bee or the office slave?!

Throughout this particular internship I was on the PC for most of the time, some PR experiences are very hands on which this was, but not as much as I thought.

Tasks Included:

  • Preparing press releases
  • Phoning journalists
  • Securing media coverage
  • Creating coverage boards
  • Completing coverage books
  • Using and learning about softwares (Excel, Word, Gorkana, Features Exec.)
  • Using a binding machine 
  • Learnt what a guillotine was ... I know you don't know what it is either! 
  • Making refreshments for clients
I am proud to say I didn't feel like their b**** at all! If anything they made me feel like I was part of the team. Always making sure I wasn't overloaded with jobs and they were never annoyed when I asked stupid questions. 

There were times (very rarely) when I wouldn't have a task for an hour, but lucky for me I was sitting my exams so took every opportunity to revise! This can happen at sometimes but you should always go out of your way to get involved in a task if possible ... never just sit there twiddling your thumbs ... PR is an on your feet sort of job, so embrace it! 

Bare in mind that this was a technology and business PR firm rather than a beauty PR company. Although there were still deadlines the pace was slow and calm.
Overall, I would recommend Berkeley PR to any intern ... even if it isn't the field you want to go into, the experience and knowledge I left with was great and definitely worth it. 

I finished this internship on the Friday and started at Purple PR on the Monday. (I did say I was a work-a-holic!) at the moment im working 6 days a week and i've officially turned into a robot, but that's a different story!

I don't want to go into too much detail as it's only been my third day into it, but OH MY how it's different from Berkeley.
 How can I put this? I feel like i've stepped out of a stream of water right into A BIG FRIKIN' OCEAN. 
Remember 'Ugly Betty' ... I am her. 

On the other hand, I started my first day with a fresh faced makeup look and check out the freebies I got!

Instagram: @nssuri1
I wore my Tesco's Barbara Daly Glow Up Highlighter
 on my first day. One of my ultimate favourites!! 

The goodies I have received in such a small space of time is beyond exciting and I can't wait to fill you in with all the gossip and action! 

Keep in touch...
Your's Truly,