Sunday, 14 April 2013

My Harrods Shopping Spree!

How has everyone's weekend been?

Mine has been Harrods-tastic!! (It just had to be said. Haha )

This is just a haul post for all you nosey parkers out there. 

But before I start ... I would like to let you all know that this type of shopping spree is not an everyday activity for me! (sadly). Whilst studying and trying to have a social life, I travel from Nottingham to London just to work my a** off to afford such luxuries. 
I was also able to buy such beautiful things by having employee benefits from working for Harrods. A few times a year (and when I mean a 'few', I mean 3 times) Harrods employees get an extra 10% off on top of the original discount we get. 
I'm not too sure if I can go into detail because I know the company are very strict when it comes to things like this, so you're just going to have to deal with not knowing! OOO I bet you're itching to know ... hahaha Sorry guys. 

So let's begin! 

VW Purse, RRP: £159.00
The picture doesn't do the colour justice at all but it's a sexy bright pink with a more of a coral undertone. 
I am the sort of girl where I put my whole life into my purse so choosing one was a difficult process! 

For a month now I have had my eyes on a seductive Christian Louboutin purse. When I finally sat down excited to see it with my own eyes and not through a screen I was sadly disappointed. It only has 4 card slots a tiny coin pouch and a small slip in the middle. 
I then went to Burberry and actually bought a purse from them. It wasn't until my better half kocked sense into me and explained for the price of that one purse I could get two items. Like a complete MELON i went back and returned it. ( I may be brown but trust me I went bright red!) 
I finally found the love of my life ... Vivienne. I could have easily bought a Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs, but let's be real here ... Why be like every single girl out there?! For me, Marc Jacobs is more of a watch and handbag thing and Micheal Kors is a fashion wave, it has it's peak and then dies down. 

Hermes Perfume - Eau Des Merveilles 100ml, RRP: £93.00
What's your signature smell?
 It's weird how an environment can change your taste. I was only introduced to Hermes from seeing the bags on every Arab client I had. The bag's are truly a work of art... but for the price comparable to a  new car they should be! 
Not everyone would like the smell of this perfume, it's sweet but with a strong depth of smell to it and the smell is different on different people's skin. The reason why I love it!

True Religion Jean, RRP: £275.00

 I'm a sucker for figure hugging jeans that don't feel like cardboard.
 I'm a big fan of the brand ... not just for their legendary jeans but also their t-shirts! I was in two minds to get the jeans or jeggings, however, truey jeggings or jeans? Common'. 
The  only thing that attracted me to the jeggings was that it's tight on the ankle unlike these straight leg jeans, but a tailor who has been rumoured to be great with true religion jeans is going to fix the bottom for me, not just because I want them tighter but also because I am a proud 5ft petite female. And no ... not a midget/ dwarf! Just cute and petite (hahaha) 

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, RRP: £20.50

I can easily get Clinique products for a much cheaper price then I bought it for as I work for Estee Lauder companies. However, Waiting for nearly two weeks and not getting the bonus time gift is a bummer. So I bought something for the sake of the gift. Exactly what they want us customers to do! Hahaha. 

The take the day off balm is something I recommend every female to have!! And no ... not because I work for them but because I seriously mean it. 
It's for all skin types, from very dry to very oily. You just scoop the balm with dry fingertips and rub in circular movements to remove your extra face off. (Sorry, I'm in a cheeky mood. :P ) Then just wash your face as you would do normally with your face wash. 
Clinique Bonus time is a seasonal gift that contains different products, depending on what store you go to. This one is the Harrods bonus time gift which will be ending on the 20th of April. Some items are missing from the my picture but the promotional image above shows what you will get.

UGG Boots, RRP: £175.00

My snuggly wuggly UGG boots. 

I already have some brown ugg boots which are so worn out and stained that they have now turned into my "run to the shops for an emergency" or "I really can't be asked to make an effort today" boots. And I needed some grey colour boots in my wardrobe anyway! 

Jose Eber Styling Iron, RRP: £120.00

Let's just say I was fed up of my £25 babyliss straighteners that would give my a wave rather than straight hair and curls that were basically non- existent. I have never heard of this brand before and I had only seen the stall in Harrods but they are also in Selfridges too. They work on damp hair too which really appeals to me because I am in a rush every day of my life! 
They are titanium and ceramic plates which are supposed to have some sort of benefit, but don't ask me why because I really don't know! I just hear the words and think " OoOoOo They must be good then". 
I'm not too keen on them being wide plated because I usually get thin ones but I thought I would give them a try. They also have lifetime warranty which is great, bearing in mind the small print says that doesn't include wear and tear (So what else do I need warranty for?! Blergh.) 
Mainly, I bought them because my handbag on my arm was becoming heavy and my heels were beginning to turn on me. (Trying to look cute and shop is hard work!!)

WOW ... What a post!! I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for taking your time out to read it :) Let me know if you want and reviews on certain products too ...

Lots of Love,
N x

Friday, 5 April 2013

The beginning of a new journey ... A beauty PR journey of course!!

Well hello there ...

If you've been reading my last posts then you'll know I had a very important interview to go to, and the results are finally here ... 

I GOT THE POSITION! What position I hear you ask?

You are reading a blog by a new beauty PR intern at Purple PR and a business and technology PR intern at Berkeley PR! (WOW I am loving those titles).

Now, i've had a great idea ... as i'm still a "newbie" blogger and as I will soon be a "newbie" intern, I thought it would be great to do updates of my days at both internships giving my readers a juicy insight on what a PR internship really involves. 

Both internships will be completely different which is great! It gives me a chance to broaden my experience and also help those of you that are interested in PR but maybe not so focused on the beauty pathway.

I will be at Berkeley PR first for 2 weeks in May and then a 4 month internship at Purple PR from June onwards.

I am EXTREMELY happy by landing myself with two internships especially during summer, a time where I can be the most productive.

If I didn't get these internships? I would be doing a 9-6 shift Monday - Friday working all summer... (Not very exciting or productive - not me at all.)

Oh it's all down to luck people say.... No. It's all down to YOU and how much time and effort you put in to achieving something.

For more than a month I was searching the internet for internships and PR companies, emailing people everyday. I nearly lost the internship at Purple PR as at times I would not get a reply, after a week or so I think they totally forgot about me, however, I called them back, left a message and an email and only then did i remind them of my interest and finally receive an interview.

If you are looking to work in a competitive career, don't be discouraged by how much effort it is just to get acknowledged or how much time it can take from your day, and most of all ... don't let competition get you down.

TIP: When I walk into an interview I always think I am the best candidate out of all the rest, no one can be as good as me. Coming across overconfident  snobby? Arrogant?, Maybe so. But when it comes to my work life this way of thinking helps me and so far it hasn't let me down, you just need to make sure you find the right balance. Find a way of thinking that helps you and you could be onto your own interview technique! Ha ha ...

So I look forward to you reading my posts and don't be afraid to ask me any questions at all ... I am SO exciting to share it all with you :)

N x