Friday, 5 April 2013

The beginning of a new journey ... A beauty PR journey of course!!

Well hello there ...

If you've been reading my last posts then you'll know I had a very important interview to go to, and the results are finally here ... 

I GOT THE POSITION! What position I hear you ask?

You are reading a blog by a new beauty PR intern at Purple PR and a business and technology PR intern at Berkeley PR! (WOW I am loving those titles).

Now, i've had a great idea ... as i'm still a "newbie" blogger and as I will soon be a "newbie" intern, I thought it would be great to do updates of my days at both internships giving my readers a juicy insight on what a PR internship really involves. 

Both internships will be completely different which is great! It gives me a chance to broaden my experience and also help those of you that are interested in PR but maybe not so focused on the beauty pathway.

I will be at Berkeley PR first for 2 weeks in May and then a 4 month internship at Purple PR from June onwards.

I am EXTREMELY happy by landing myself with two internships especially during summer, a time where I can be the most productive.

If I didn't get these internships? I would be doing a 9-6 shift Monday - Friday working all summer... (Not very exciting or productive - not me at all.)

Oh it's all down to luck people say.... No. It's all down to YOU and how much time and effort you put in to achieving something.

For more than a month I was searching the internet for internships and PR companies, emailing people everyday. I nearly lost the internship at Purple PR as at times I would not get a reply, after a week or so I think they totally forgot about me, however, I called them back, left a message and an email and only then did i remind them of my interest and finally receive an interview.

If you are looking to work in a competitive career, don't be discouraged by how much effort it is just to get acknowledged or how much time it can take from your day, and most of all ... don't let competition get you down.

TIP: When I walk into an interview I always think I am the best candidate out of all the rest, no one can be as good as me. Coming across overconfident  snobby? Arrogant?, Maybe so. But when it comes to my work life this way of thinking helps me and so far it hasn't let me down, you just need to make sure you find the right balance. Find a way of thinking that helps you and you could be onto your own interview technique! Ha ha ...

So I look forward to you reading my posts and don't be afraid to ask me any questions at all ... I am SO exciting to share it all with you :)

N x

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