Wednesday, 20 March 2013

UPDATE - Haul & Interview.

Hi Guys!!

I've decided on doing these blog updates now and then when something interesting in my life is happening :) 

First of all ... since working in London's Knightsbridge, iv'e learnt to acquire a certain designer taste that I never knew existed.

  I am always drooling over ladies Hermes bags and CHANEL jewelery that I am so desperate to create a walk in wardrobe full of special gems!
But then I wake up and realize it's all but a distant dream ... 

One item I have had on my mind for a while now is the beautiful Prada Top Handle in Black. 

At whopping price of £1,250 I know it is most definitely a far away skin pinching dream. HOWEVER ... not all is lost in the world of bargain hunting. I found a Prada dupe that you may be aware of already. 

Introducing the ZARA Office City Bag, RRP: £49.99. (Free delivery with order over £50, so I ordered a cute headband for the summer too.)

Instagram: NSSURI1

It's smooth to the touch and gentle on the eye ... IM IN LOVE WITH IT. 

What's even more of an advantage is that I was unaware of the compartments inside, there are slots for your cards, a phone holder and a zipped pocket ... not to forget a whole compartment perfect for your laptop!

But the best news is yet to come ... 

Tomorrow (21/03/13) is a very important interview, with a very important company for a very important internship. I don't want to give much away just yet, however, I will be taking my beautiful city bag along with me. 

Keep in touch to see what i paired my city bag with and to find all the details on my interview.

N x


  1. Hey Natasha. Ahh Zara never lets me down for decent handbags. They always last too. Ahh good luck on your interview, Im sure your be great xx

    1. Hi Malanie! It didn't go too bad actually :D Just biting my nails for a reply now ... Thanks for stopping by and I gave your blog a follow xx

  2. love this bag a lot, so practical for everyday using;)X

    1. I know right! I've been using it so much for work :)